Dawn Lewis is the owner of Full Circle School. She is also the creator of Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique or SMRT. SMRT is a positional release modality that is osteopathic in principles and orthopedic in nature.

Full Circle School started in 1997. Dawn and her staff have taught a basic massage therapy program on and off for 15 years. Dawn has been teaching SMRT from coast to coast in the United States since 2008 and has been a personal trainer since 2016.

Subscribe if you want to enhance your bodywork, improve your understanding of anatomy, learn how SMRT can help diagnoses like reflux, asthma, IBS, musculoskeletal pain in any area of the body, headaches including migraines, learn how to assess the body and improve movement in specific areas, and much more.

"I've taken four in-person workshops with Dawn and her TAs. I've done her new online assessment classes also. Dawn's depth of knowledge and practical application hasn't been matched by anyone else I've studied with. Dawn and her TAs have a way of teaching that is approachable, non-threatening, and immediately adaptable. You will learn so much to bring into your practice with SMRT/Full Circle!"

- Adrienne

Basic SMRT video courses

All basic SMRT video courses and textbooks are included in the basic subscription and all have CEs attached. To get CEs for a video course, you must take a test. The date on your certificate will be the date you pass the test.

In Depth Assessment classes

The advanced subscription includes 11 video assessment classes with slides that take a deep dive into the human body to help you understand how to assess movement at joints and understand what muscles and fascial lines are involved in restricted movement.

Anatomy, physiology, pathologies

Videos will include information about anatomy (muscles, bones, joints, and nerves), physiology (systems of the body), and pathologies (specific diagnoses and what we can do to help each with bodywork).

"I have been a licensed Massage Therapist for 27 years, have taken many, many Continuing Education courses, but none of them changed my practice and the way I work as fundamentally as SMRT. The technique is unique and the teacher - Dawn Lewis - is jaw droppingly knowledgeable. I really wish I had found her sooner - and I'm pretty sure this work will extend my 'shelf life' as a therapist!"